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Corporate law is the main focus of our legal services. We assist you and your company in the foundation process as well as later on ("corporate housekeeping"), in purchase/sale and restructuring processes as well as in a crisis.

During the foundation process, we advise you to find the best legal form and assist you in drafting the appropriate statutes/articles of association. We would be pleased to assist you later on as well, including questions of board members' liabilities - and always appreciate to maintain a close working relationship with our clients to provide the best service possible.

Preparation and execution of shareholders' meetings pertain to our business as well as financing questions, measures to increase or decrease the share capital and/or questions as to affiliated groups. We act as permanent counsel for a number of German and international stock corporations.

We provide one-stop services to start-ups as well as private equity/venture capital funds from the seed to the exit as well as all other sorts of M&A-transactions. We carry out due diligences for investors or banks - and can also assist you in the preparation of a due diligence of your own enterprise. Our due diligence reports are concise and concentrate on the crucial points, presenting not 200 pages of paper, but results.

Finally, we continuously advise on the German codetermination law.

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